What Defines a Courage Queen?

I was given the wrong rulebook in life, creating a situation which left me feeling inadequate, stressed and burnt-out. I straightened my crown and used my courage to take action and change my behaviour – to become the Queen that I was rightfully born to be! 

You too can follow my lead – come and join me in becoming a Courage Queen today.

Here are the 12 Courage Queen Affirmations that helped me to change, and lead a happier life.

Are you ready to prioritise your wellbeing?

A Courage Queen gives herself permission to put herself first. Not in a selfish or ‘what’s in it for me’ way but because she understands the importance of being mentally and emotionally strong. She knows if she is in a good place then she can give selflessly to others.

Are you free from worry stress and tension?

A Courage Queen talks lovingly to herself and learns to out-talk the negative self-doubt chatter in her head. She trusts in her own abilities, values her own qualities and follows her own path. She works daily on removing the root cause of her stress and tension.

Can you say ‘No’ to others without feeling guilty?

A Courage Queen can say ‘No’ without feeling guilty or worrying what the other person will think or say about her. She is still mindful of other’s opinions and feelings yet is never rude, cruel or manipulative. She doesn’t let other’s opinions have more value than her own.

Can you step away from those who are stepping on you?

A Courage Queen has the courage and strength to walk away from anyone who is not valuing her passion, intellect, strength, beauty, abilities, either at home or at work. She knows she sets the standards for others to follow.

Can you rest and relax free from guilt?

A Courage Queen gives herself permission to rest and relax when she needs to. She listens to her body when it is telling her to take time out and does so without concern of what others may think.

Is your relationship empowering you?

A Courage Queen is courageous enough to look at her relationship and ask; is this relationship empowering me to be the best that I can be? She may be ready to admit her fears are keeping her in a relationship she knows her heart left long ago. Alternatively, she knows she may need to have an honest conversation to resolve any difficulties that she may be having in her relationships.

Can you take an honest inventory of yourself?

A Courage Queen is willing to look at how she treats others in relationships and asks, am I empowering that person to be the best that they can be? If she isn’t, she takes action to leave or change her behaviour.

Do you take too much responsibility for others?

A Courage Queen takes responsibility for herself and allows others to take responsibility for themselves. She knows we each have our own life lessons to learn, and emotionally rescuing others may create more harm than good.

Are you in touch with your passion and have meaning in life?

A Courage Queen reflects on her work and asks if her life has passion and meaning. If she doesn’t know what her passion or meaning is then she commits to discovering it. She understands and appreciates she has great gifts to share with others.

Are you too proud to ask for help?

A Courage Queen relies on her own powers and resources but can also ask for help. She is open to receiving from others yet behaves with confidence by walking away from others who are threatened by her passion, intellect and ambition.

Can you set emotional boundaries with others in your life?

A Courage Queen understands the importance of setting boundaries with those she loves, as she knows self-respect is key to mental and emotional well being. She has self-respect which enables her to set boundaries courageously and without fear.

Are you ready to make life choices, which are right for you?

A Courage Queen knows she can make life choices, which may be different from those around her. She will not let guilt, shame or feeling inadequate stop her from making life choices, which propel her to being the shining star she knows she can be.

Are you ready to be crowned a Courage Queen?


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