Recently I delivered courage coaching to a selection of A Level students at a national college. One of the issues they were facing was getting distracted from revision or not even starting it. As an ex-mature university student, I resonated with this – Ironing or cleaning the bathroom suddenly became top of my to do list rather than sitting down and revising statistical significance!

One of the fabulous methods I learnt over my own academic journey was the ‘15 minute rule’. If you find yourself putting stuff off then say to yourself,

“I will commit to it for 15 minutes and then I can stop if I want to”

For me this worked as I knew I had a ‘get out of jail free’ card after 15 minutes. What invariably happens (not all the time granted) is once you have started and are in the flow, before you know it, time has whizzed by. We procrastinate because of fear. By committing to 15 minutes we remove the fear and we make the start

Remember, you have the courage to handle this – it is a chapter in your life which one day will be over. Challenge yourself to enjoy the experience and don’t let fear win.

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