Can you be lazy happy like me?


I had a realisation last week – I can be sooooo lazy happy!


  • I want to lose weight but eat chocolate biscuits
  • I want to sell more books but am not marketing them
  • I want to earn more money but I am not contacting my customers


I’m sure you get the idea…


I realised that I wanted things to be different but was not taking any responsibility to make it happen. It’s as though I was waiting for Glenda the Good Witch to rock up, wave her sparkly magic wand and make my happiness magically appear!


So I asked myself these questions:


If I take responsibility and commit to losing weight what will I do differently?

If I take responsibility and commit to selling more books what do I need to do?

If I take responsibility to promote myself more, what do I need to do?


Of course, then I came up with a long list of actions that I need to take. This  is when we leave our own pity party and start to take responsibility for our own life.


Yes I know – who wants to get out of bed 30 minutes earlier to exercise or turn down that glass of wine. That’s the tough bit, however the short term ‘pain’ is so worth the long term goal of no longer wearing tight clothes and having to buy bigger bra’s!

It is a choice at the end of the day and my choice is feeling good when summer comes.

When we take responsibility to change our life, we increase our confidence as we know we can take control of our life. So do you want to be lazy happy or do you want to take control of your life? It is your choice.


Think of an area that is frustrating you and ask yourself the same question as I did:


If I take responsibility to resolve this frustration, what do I need to do?


Spring is here – so I for one am definitely going to spring into action. Why don’t you?


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