“The greatest guidance often comes in the form of the written word.”

The most important day of my life was when I realised I had a right to be happy

Rachael Alexander


Once upon a time, I looked to others for my ‘you are good enough’ badge. A ‘good enough’ mum, girlfriend, wife, lover, daughter, and employee – you name it I believed I could be doing it ‘better’! I constantly felt frazzled, overwhelmed, worried, guilty and would overthink anything that could be overthought.

Looking back, the problem was I had very little interest in me! Caring about everybody else and making sure they were happy was more important than caring about my own wellbeing. I didn’t prioritise my dreams, my future, my body, my energy levels or the junk I put inside me such as sugary food and alcohol – basically I didn’t prioritise my happiness.

But one day, someone passed me a book, which made me stop and think about my life. This book encouraged me to read more books, which encouraged me to see therapists and healers which encouraged me to gain qualifications in counselling, psychology and reiki healing – my life transformed.

17 years later I have taken all the strategies which have helped me and put them in one place  

“How to be a Courage Queen”

 Permission to prioritise you

Using the strategies in this guide will show you how you can prioritise YOU. Awareness of how YOU can make decisions and choices about YOUR life which will give YOU clarity, peace of mind, reduce worry and frustration but overall give YOU a sense that you are regaining control over your life.

The guide gives you an awareness and is a constant companion – your literary best friend, where you will learn to prioritise the most important person in your life – You. Once you are nourished emotionally, mentally and physically this will then allow you to love and care for others which will improve relationships, and bring joy back into your life.

So what are you waiting for?

Straighten your crown and order this book today. An important aspect of being a Courage Queen is investing in your well-being so can you really afford not to?

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