I’m a modern day slave handcuffed to my pension

Dear Courage Queen

I have worked at the same place for 15 years and it drives me to distraction. I love my colleagues and don’t mind some of the work.  however, I have realised I start to feel really fed up on a Sunday afternoon and I become snappy and irritable with my family. I would love to do something else but the perks at my job are really good, the work is flexible and I would really miss some of my colleagues and I can’t risk losing my pension. I also wonder if I would get another job. I feel stuck and frustrated.

Dear Courageous One

Admitting something to our self is the first step in being able to change a situation. Well done for facing the thing which is causing you some pain. I sense you are now ready to do something about easing the frustration you feel – well done!!

Re read what you have written to me and see where you are stuck in fear. We can all have self-doubt, however until we try to resolve a situation we will always stay stuck. We often feel that we should be grateful because at least we have a job and so we stay in it, meanwhile the frustration builds until one day we realise we are actually quite miserable. The truth is there are lots of jobs out there if only we start to look.

You can replace fear with courage and you can start to take action

Buy a lovely notebook and consider the following:

1) Where have you got the idea that your salary is more important than your sanity?

2) Reflect on why your pension is more important than living life now and enjoying every moment of your life whilst you are healthy, whilst still being mindful of your future.

3) What work would fulfil you and how can you start to research opportunities? Start to explore options

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