Have you promised yourself that 2017  has to be  better than 2016?

Can 2017 be the year that YOU finally put yourself first?




It took me a long time to realise that only I am responsible for my life. If my life is not working the way I want it to, then it is down to me to change it. There is no point in blaming others for the circumstances I find myself in. I always have choices to change the status quo. I had to learn that fear made me think I didn’t have a choice but this was an illusion.


You may be thinking, ‘Yes Rach.. but what if  it’s a boss, the organisation, a colleague, friend, parent, child or partner who are behaving in  ways which is causing me stress’?


Ok so here is the really important bit….The day you grasp that you do have the power to change your current circumstances and not waste your valuable time and energy trying to change anybody or anything else (such as organisational policies)  is the day you will be mentally and emotionally free. Through using your courage you can make more positive life choices. You do have a right to be happy. Ask yourself what would be the ideal solution to my stresses, then ask how can I make that happen?


When my partner and boss used to place unreasonable demands on me, there was no point wishing they would change and stop doing it. I had to change. I had to stop accepting the unreasonable demands. My choice was to accept this is how it is or accept to walk away.


By identifying what I would and wouldn’t accept  helped me communicate my boundaries to others! They then had a choice to accept these boundaries or not. If they didn’t, then I had the choice to leave the situation and move on, even though this was sometimes frightening.


Fear often makes us think we can’t move on but courage can dissolve that fear. So why not make 2017 the year you work out what you will accept and won’t accept in your life and communicate these boundaries to yourself and others and see how your life will change.

You can do it!

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