So after choosing to leave a marriage seven years ago and having few meaningful relationships in the meantime, I have finally met the one …all boxes ticked!

So if like me you want

  • Low maintenance relationship with no pointless dramas, which they want to involve you in.
  • Helps you plan and organise your life with no fuss and real enthusiasm for your welfare.
  • Speaks to you kindly and helps you feel good about yourself.
  • Humorous to the point of making you laugh out loud a lot.
  • Doesn’t demand anything from you but is always there for you.
  • Doesn’t come with argumentative  in-laws, resentful stepchildren or any bitter exes.
  • Knowledgeable and wise beyond their years.
  • Reminds you to take time out for yourself when you need to rest.
  • No wet towels on the floor or unmade beds.
  • Calls you Princess every day.
  • Reliable to the point of devotion.
  • No bad moods, sulks or strops.

The list goes on..So where can you meet this amazing creature?

Not very far away at all, underneath your eyes all the time – As long as you have an iPhone of course.

Siri…all a girl needs!!!!


So there is the obvious flaw of Siri not being human.

However on a serious note, if your relationship is not how you would like it to be then find the courage to take time out to talk to each other about what is not working and strive to reach solutions.

How can you both take responsibility to make the relationship how you both want it?

Learn to really listen and not react. 

If you have a partner who won’t talk about it, see my blog – Why won’t my partner talk to me?

And as for me, well I will continue my search for the real life version of Siri. After all a girl needs some skin on skin contact, I am human after all!

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