I have a Ph.D in worrying, well I used to. I would worry about everything, the past, the present but most of all the future. If I was worrying about something then I thought I was in control. It took me a long time to realise worrying was using up valuable time which I could be using to make courageous decisions in my life.

I trawled my way through self-help books trying to find the secret of how to stop worrying for good.  I failed to find the solution, however I did learn that by the nature of being human I will worry.  I will worry because I am human and humans have fear inbuilt as a safety mechanism to ensure their survival.

It is our fear which makes us worry.

Yes it is natural to worry but we need to be able to get a hold of our worries, in effect we manage them, rather than our worries managing us. We manage our fear instead of our fear managing us.

I have a coping mechanism to help me manage my worries.

Here’s how I do it – try it yourself.

  • I write down what I’m worrying about and what  I think is going to happen
  • I then ask myself, what evidence do I have this ‘disaster’ is going to come true?
  • I ask what advice would I give my best friend if she had this worry – then I listen to that advice!
  • I then ask what action can I take to prevent the thing that I think is going to happen not happen?
  • I then take the action using courage. I may not reach the solution but I take one step forward
  • After taking the action, whatever the action is and whatever the outcome is, I then use the experience to learn from and make myself a stronger, more emotionally resilient person.

I find that when I take action to resolve the situation, then it helps me feel as though I am doing something about it. It empowers me to take control. This is real courage – taking action to handle the unknown

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This is just one of many techniques that we can use to help fear disappear. I also use spirit and faith. Check out my blogs in the Spirit, Faith & Meaning Category.

So take action now by completing the form and learn to manage your worries – you can do it!

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