Do you have days in your life that are game changers?

You know the days – the days when you realise something or someone just happens to say something to you and you know things are never going to be the same again.

I call these ‘light bulb’ moments – on my workshops we have light bulbs on the table to highlight when we have had one of these moments and we have many!

Reading chapter 4 in the amazing book – Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway® by Dr. Susan Jeffers was one of those ‘light bulb’ moments. This chapter talks about when we are waiting for other people in our life to change because we believe then our life will be better – more peaceful, more happier and just generally more positive.

It may be our colleagues, our partners, our children, our bosses – in fact anyone who we are hoping that one day they will change. We hope they will be less grumpy, more loving, more helpful, more sincere, less sulky – I’m sure you get the idea!

However in reality, as this chapter points out, we are the ones who have to change, we are the ones who have to take responsibility so that the situation changes. We cannot spend our life hoping and wishing that this person is going to change, because ‘newsflash’ – they may never change!

If this is ringing a few bells with you – then please believe me when I say:

• You can be the one who changes
• You can be the one who says I have had enough of accepting this situation
• You can be the one to remove yourself from this person or the situation which is causing you frustration
• You can be the one to change the way you perceive the situation if you cannot walk away
• You can be the one to challenge yourself to explore how to remove yourself permanently from the situation

One thing I have learnt is ‘We can do the things we think we cannot do’.

Why not make this your February Focus – To do the thing you think you cannot do”

How do you need to change so the stressful situation changes?

From my courageous heart to yours