Dear Courage Queen

I am 40 years old and have been in my current job for over 8 years working for the local council. I have always loved my job as a librarian and never thought about leaving. Last week I was talking to a customer as they had returned a book which he had used for his dissertation at university. I got chatting to the gentleman and he was telling me how he went back to University at age 40 as a mature student.

When he left I found myself saying to my colleague that I wished I had gone to University. I remembered I always had a passion for English Literature. My friend suggested I consider going as a mature student.  I heard myself replying with a load of excuses but it really got me thinking. When I got home I mentioned it to my family and they laughed at me. However, now it is all I can think about.  Where would I start? The thought of me going back to university scares me silly.

Dear Courageous one

I love getting questions like this one; they give me goose bumps all down my arms. For me, finding our passion in life is one of the most important things we can ever do.

Finding our passion gives our life meaning.

When we start to think about changing our life, our ego (the fearful part of us) will try and put a halt to our dreams and goals. The fearful part of us doesn’t like the status quo upsetting because it gets scared. It gets scared as it doesn’t know the outcome – how can it control the outcome when it doesn’t know what the outcome is? This is why we stay stuck in a rut, repeating routines as we know the outcome.

The important next step is to work out your fears. This is akin to putting the monster in the middle of the table so you know what you have to slay. Grab a piece of paper and write

The thought of going back to study frightens me because.….. then list everything that comes into your head

  • I can’t do it
  • I’m not clever enough
  • I can’t afford it
  • What if I don’t get a job at the end
  • Who would look after my family
  • What if I get stressed
  • I’m leaving my pension

Then thank this fearful part of you which is scared for highlighting what is keeping you stuck. Next imagine your best friend or your child has told you all these fears, what supportive encouraging advice would you give to them to help banish their fears? Write down the responses.

Next, go online and request a prospectus or download one. Read through the courses and see which one makes you feel excited. Contact the night class, college or university and ask them for more information on their mature student admissions policy and funding.

It may be that your workplace may offer joint funding or you can take a sabbatical. Maybe you can get part time jobs to fit around the course? Ask the Universe to help you and you will get signs. See my blog ‘ten ways to listen to spiritual guidance’.

And for those who have laughed at you, when they are sat at your graduation ceremony – they won’t be laughing but feeling so proud that their mum and wife had the courage to follow her dreams

You go girl!

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