Welcome to June!


Nearly half way through the year….

Are you happy with how your life is panning out this year?

Are you happier now than at the start of the year?

Have you made the changes you said you were going to make at the beginning of the year?

Are you still feeling tense, overwhelmed, stuck or fed-up?

Do you know you need to make changes?


Come on you can nail this – you are powerful enough to sort this out and make the changes which are right for you!

Maybe you are like me and can be a procrastinator? You can put stuff off and make 101 excuses as to why you havn’t done something.

Well you know what, you can do it and you can start right now!

Here is our new mantra


Just *Flipping Do It (*change as you wish)


We can over analyse all we like, but sometimes we have to just go and do the damn thing that we are putting off!

So what is the one thing that you know you need to do to make your life better?


Go on, go and do it right now. Stop reading this and go and do it -and do it well!


Take action to do it. Ring that person, write that email, book that session, end that relationship, apply for that job .. just flipping well do it.


December will be here before we know it and we don’t want to have wasted another 6 months of our valuable life


If you need support in how to JFDI then look out for my new book coming soon –

How to be a Courage Queen – A self-improvement journey that you can take in your own time at your own pace. A journal to help you gain control over your life. Available from www.couragequeen.com RRP £29.99