How To Be A Positive Courage Queen

Staying positive here on planet earth can be a real challenge. I think we have to be realistic and appreciate that some days are going to challenge us. However after a challenging day, instead of reaching for the alcohol and food to numb our feelings, we need to sit back and reflect on

Why was it challenging?

What crumpled me – rejection, criticism, disapproval etc. How can I learn from this so it doesn’t crumple e the next time?

Here are my ten ways to help Courage Queens stay positive:

  1. Be open to reading – Read self-help books or autobiographies of people who have overcome adversity. Many are available as audio.
  2. Use Social Media – There are so many wonderful Facebook groups, Instagram posts, Twitter accounts and YouTube videos which all share positive content – hunt them out!
  3. Hang out with positive people – Learn to recognise who spreads positivity by being upbeat and who spreads negativity by constantly complaining. Avoid the latter!
  4. Be selective to the News – The news spreads fear, alarm and terror in some cases. Learn to switch it off. Can you really do anything about cruel behaviour or a multiple pile up on the road? Have compassion for the situation then let it go, unless you can personally make a difference.
  5. Start to Journal – Exploring your life through the written word can help you explore how you feel and remove negative emotions from your body. Just start with I feel…and see what follows.
  6. Ask for help – Be open to receiving help – the NHS offer free counselling services or some organisations have a counsellor attached to their business. MIND offer a counselling service at reduced cost or pay privately depending on your budget.
  7. Feel good about yourself – Commit to exercise or getting out in the sunlight and fresh air. A healthy body is a healthy mind.
  8. Self-investigation – Make a list of what brings you joy in your life and what drains you of joy. Then think of ways to maximise the first one and minimise the latter.
  9. Rest – Sometimes we just have to have a duvet day and give permission to ourselves to do nothing. Our battery needs recharging just like a car.
  10. 10.Take Responsibility – Take responsibility for your own life, which means concentrating on what you can do to be happy rather than trying to be responsible for everyone else’s happiness.

Finally, It is normal for Courage Queens to get down, however , ur Courage Queen power comes in using positive tools and techniques to get positive. Remember though sometimes having a good cry is exactly what we may need to shift those emotions out of our energy field.