“Courage is the ability to do something that frightens one: bravery”

Rachael Alexander is a guiding light to others who are feeling stuck, over-whelmed or simply in need of support and encouragement. She inspires others to take personal responsibility to make courageous decisions rather than living through insecurity, fear and seeking others approval. Rachael firmly believes courage is the secret to living life confidently and with an open heart. Respecting yourself and your life choices is key to living harmoniously.

In her past role of Training Director for the global phenomenon Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® (Dr Susan Jeffers, PhD) Rachael inspired others to be accountable for their life choices and live their life with courage, determination and positive intent.

Rachael is proud to have helped thousands to live their life with passion, integrity, peace and love. Her time in the corporate world working with high street brands including Cheltenham & Gloucester, Lloyds TSB, Virgin and AT & T gave Rachael the insight into the power of management models and how courage is key to help implement positive change through confident leadership.

Delivering jam packed seminars with real-life humans and published author, Rachael has a successful business helping people worldwide live life courageously.

Pairing her qualifications in Counselling Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Neuro Linguistic Programming and facing her own challenges in life, Rachael shares her experience and wisdom to help you make courageous life choices which are appropriate for you and your life.

Rachael Alexander
BSc.Psych (Couns) Dip,NLP Adv.Dip CBT


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