I coach more and people who are suffering with anxiety attacks these days. When we have ‘anxiety attacks’ or ‘panic attacks’ they are real and frightening. I know as I too have suffered in the past from them. As an 11 year old I had a real fear of dying and the panic would overwhelm me so much that I would lay alone in my bed crying, shaking and feel sick.

However, anxiety and panic is caused by fear. If we can understand this, we can start to work on increasing our confidence which means we believe we can handle life. However first you have to ask yourself: ‘Do you really want to take action to  rid yourself of how you feel? This will take effort however you have worked hard in  ‘managing’ the symptoms and so surely you may as well work just as hard getting rid of the symptoms?

Remember, if you want something badly enough you will take steps to achieve it

If you don’t want to become confident and eliminate anxiety from your life then here’s what to do:

  1. Do not listen to your emotions.  Don’t cry, don’t feel, don’t get angry, don’t weep, don’t express how you really feel. Only think from your logical brain and try to ‘think’ your way out of situations. Try and keep control. Do not feel your way through the experience by using  your emotions. For example, if you have suffered a bereavement or a relationship ends – just say, “I’m fine” and continue with day to day activities pretending to be ‘normal’.


  1. Block out your true feelings through any of the following ways: Alcohol, smoking, drugs, over working, shopping, watching T.V, talking to people about how bad you feel, exercise addiction, social media, studying or anything else which distracts you. Do not get out in nature, stay indoors. Do not think about resting and continue to behave in a way where you feel overwhelmed with jobs and responsibilities. Never say ‘No’ to any requests or demands on your time.


  1. Do not reach out for help or tell anyone how you are feeling. Ensure you think it is weak to ask for help and make sure you believe only weak people suffer with anxiety.


  1. Do not have a passion in life or something that gives you a purpose. If you feel stuck in a rut, continue to behave in the same way, do not think about making a change to your life by finding a new hobby or interest.


  1. Do not push yourself to try anything new. Continue to carry out the same routines and habits as you have done for years.


  1. Ensure you watch the news and read the newspapers. The fear evoked will ensure your anxiety continues and will probably make it worse without you realising.


  1. Hang out with negative, fearful people who moan and groan about the world and do nothing to make themselves feel better. Misery likes company so ensure you constantly complain about how bad you are feeling and nothing is making you feel better. Do not read any self-help books or watch any social media to become more positive. Think you are solving it with tip number two.


  1. Believe that anxiety and panic is more powerful than you and there is nothing you can do to change how you feel. Do not take any action to rid yourself of the feelings other than taking medication from the Dr. Certainly do not think about getting counselling or coaching.


  1. Do not have any form of energy healing such as Reiki, Kinesiology, EFT or any other treatments which balance your energy body. Do not believe that panic and anxiety is a form of energy which needs to be released from your body.


  1. Ensure you do not reflect on what thoughts are going through your head, such as I’m a failure, I’m useless, I cannot do this or I am of no use to anyone. Do not look for evidence as to why you think such false thoughts. Continue to believe you are worthless


However if you want to manage your  anxiety and panic attacks then try doing the opposite of what is recommended above! Because anxiety and panic are rooted in fear, the symptoms can be overcome.   Becoming more confident and using your courage helps you eliminate this fear. I know because I have done it. Often we just need someone to help us on the journey.

It takes courage to ask for help – you have all the courage you need inside

Why not start today and take action to overcome these feelings.?

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