Unfortunately it is common to hear people talk about stress in the workplace. When I deliver Courage Seminars in organisations, it amazes me how committed employees are. They get frustrated at decisions being made above, angry that things could be done better and customer service is getting affected through no one listening to them. I wish I had such responsible committed staff working with me in my business.

However, what seems to be the cause of our stress is that they we as humans:

Try to control something which often is out of our control

Whilst I advocate challenging authority and suggesting new ideas for improvement, one has to learn what we can affect.  I once had a lady attend a course and she worried about how her boss slept at night. Kindly pointing out that worrying about her boss was not her responsibility but committing to fulfil her role to the best of her ability seemed to be something she had not considered.

So if you are feeling stressed, irritated, or annoyed with work try this. Grab a piece of paper and list all the things that are hacking you off about work. Keep going till you have got them all listed. Now relook at the list and ask yourself:

1) What is in my control?  This means how can my behaviour and actions affect the situation

2) What is out of my control?  This means my behaviour or action cannot affect the situation

Cross out all the items on your list which is ‘out of my control’ and let go of the frustration. Spend your energy on things in life you can make happen.

Next go back to your ‘in my control’ list and ask

3) What courageous action can I take today to change this situation? Ask yourself does your proposed action to change this frustrating situation benefit;

  • You
  • The organisation
  • Colleagues
  • Customers
  • Board & Shareholders

If the answer is yes then why let fear win? Fear will try and make you think you shouldn’t do it. This is because fear doesn’t know the outcome and we get scared of what may happen when we don’t know the outcome. However the most courageous person is the one who chooses to stand up and act for what they believe is right. We can then walk away with integrity and self-belief.

I recommend reading Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway to help you overcome your fear.

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