“Courage is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it.”

    Nelson Mandela

“Being fearless isn’t about being 100% unafraid.

It’s being terrified and jumping anyway!”

Taylor Swift

Here  are some of my definitions of courage – you may have your own


  • Courage is admitting I have fear because I am human


  • Courage is not letting fear hold me back from going after something I really want


  • Courage is accepting the fear, whilst not letting it win


  • Courage is understanding fear disguises itself as my anger, arrogance, anxiety, worry, what-if’s, excuses, denials, avoidance, self-sabotage, moaning and many other emotions and ways in which I behave negatively.


  • Courage is taking action to move towards getting out of the painful place in my life.


  • Courage is sitting down and working out “what do I really want in my life?”


  • Courage is having the conversation with the person who I am not agreeing with or avoiding or who is not adding to my happiness.


  • Courage is starting to do the things  I think I cannot do


  • Courage is making a list of pro’s and con’s to help me take action


  • Courage is asking for help from others and seeking professional support


  • Courage is talking to someone about how I really feel about a situation


  • Courage is being self-aware and wanting to find out – where did I learn to think and behave the way I do?


  • Courage is admitting I may have got it ‘wrong’ and realising it was a learning opportunity


  • Courage is being the first person to try and resolve an argument


  • Courage is listening to my body and emotions – using my intuitive self to make decisions


  • Courage is admitting if I am overworking to seek internal validation or external approval


  • Courage is following my passion in life and not being chained to a salary or my pension


  • Courage is daring to admit my relationships may need some TLC or even they may be over


  • Courage is reaching out to others for love and risk my vulnerability


  • Courage is asking for business and closing the sales


  • Courage is raising a hand in the meeting to positively suggest ways in which we can improve the way we are doing something


  • Courage is saying ‘No’ to the child who demands and demands and not being fearful of their reaction


  • Courage is putting yourself out there and risk being criticised – speaking your truth to people who bully and harass you


  • Courage is believing the Universe will lead you to the delights of your heart if you simply watch and listen


The list goes on – I trust you get the idea. So why not, take a deep breath, grab a piece of paper and write the following –  remembering to add in the end of the sentence.


If I was courageous right here, right now I would…………………………………………….

Any surprises in what you wrote or thought? What action can you take to make it happen?


The brilliant thing about courage is that it is free and unlimited. We don’t have to look far for it as it is inside of us just waiting to be used. We can use courage at work, home, with our family, friends and mostly for our self. We can teach courage to our children and they can live a life of fearlessly going after what they want.

Without courage we  operate from fear and we can stay stuck in repetitive, unfulfilling routines in our life.


Remember, you have the courage to make changes to your life


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