Stop your confidence being robbed.

When I reflect on what I perceive to be the most ‘stressful’ periods in my life, I can  see it was those life situations where I was robbed of my confidence.  This means I gave someone or something the power to make me:

Doubt my ability to handle it”

The consequence of doubting my ability meant I didn’t take action to change the thing which was causing me emotional turmoil.

When we  doubt ourselves, we lose our confidence, move into fear and stay stuck feeling helpless and hopeless. We forget about our courage which can be utilised at any time to help us become unstuck.

Confidence burglars include:

  • Partners who are more concerned about themselves than you
  • Bosses who criticise and condemn, rather than inspire and mentor
  • Colleagues who compare and compete rather than support and encourage
  • Organisational policies and procedures which halt you rather than grow you
  • Redundancy and downsizing which are more about money than humanity
  • Family and friends who are fearful rather than fearless
  • Customers who don’t believe in themselves, more than they believe in you

To reclaim your power, ask yourself:

  • Who is making you doubt yourself and your abilities?
  • Have you taken their opinion as fact?
  • Have you taken it personally rather than seeing the bigger picture?
  • What will you do to take action to reclaim your power?

“Remember, people who blame others for their problems need to realise

They are their problem, but they are also their solution”

When we are robbed of our power, it is easy to blame others for our problems. However, I know that people like you in the Courage Queen Club can and will take back their power. Email me and let me know what you are going to do to take back your power –

If you would like some online help either through the written word or face to face,  please get in touch and I will help you to reclaim your power. Help available from £55 – often one session is all you need however packages are available.  (10% off for Courage Queen Club Members signed up to my newsletter)