Many of us are raised to believe life is about finding a job, getting married, raising children and retiring with a lovely lump sum feeling happy about how we have lived our life. I think it can be all that and more! I use spiritual guidance to help reduce my anxiety.

I choose to believe each one of us has a personal life plan, a ‘soul mission’ that we are to complete whilst here on planet earth. I trust that spirit knows my life plan – my mission and they are around me to keep me on track. Part of my life plan is to help my soul learn ‘lessons’ that only planet earth can teach me.

I believe spirit knows the lessons I am here to  learn and has the means to make sure I learn them! I believe some of my lessons include:

  • Standing up to bullies
  • Learning about self-respect
  • Having faith
  • Finding my self-belief
  • Replacing fear with courage
  • Teaching others about the above

Whilst learning these lessons have sometimes made me weep, these lessons have made me wiser, stronger, and calmer.  I feel as though I can handle most things in my life now calmer than I did before. Most importantly my lessons have given my life meaning.

Here are the ways spirit can talk to you to support you in life with learning your lessons and completing your mission

  1. Books – You may read a line or a chapter in a book which gives you a nugget of information which makes something you were pondering over become ever so clear.
  2. Song Lyrics – Hearing words sung just at the right moment can give a huge ‘aha’ moment. When my marriage was crumbling around my ears, I heard Alexander Burke and Beyonce sing ‘Listen” on X factor.   It was like being slapped in the face as I resonated with so many of the words about how I felt. I ended my marriage three weeks later.
  3. Numbers – Repeated numbers such as 11.11 on a clock or 444 on a number plates are classic ways the universe talks to you. The book, Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue will tell you the meaning of different numbers.
  4. Animals – These can suddenly appear in your path. Google the spiritual meaning of the animal and see what resonates with you in the description. I saw a moth on the outside of my window last week and the meaning is around transformation.
  5. Oracle Cards – There are many great authors who publish oracle cards. I like Doreen Virtue cards and she even does a pack for children – Magical Unicorns. They are easy to use and provide supportive guidance.
  6. Films – If I am drawn to watch a film there is always a message in it for me. I watched a film last week on Netflix which was actually about signs from the universe. It was called the gift of miracles. Yes it was a little cheesy but it highlights the idea beautifully.
  7. Feathers – These are often a sign from the universe. I was teaching an intuition course one day and talking about how spirit validate their existence and a delegate told me she had found a feather in her knickers that morning! The universe has a great sense of humour.
  8. Strangers – Often we can meet a stranger and have a random conversation but they will say something that you just needed to hear at that point in time.
  9. Intuition – Your own gut feelings are important. Many of the best decisions I have made were on a gut feeling, because it felt right even though logical evidence was to the contrary. Listen to all your feelings – they are trying to tell you something.
  10. External sources – Spiritual church, readers and healers are all valid means of communicating with the universe. Try and seek recommendations. Healing fairs in your area are often good for finding people.

Your spiritual journey is your own. Please don’t confuse spirituality with religion. There is a difference. I am spiritual but not religious. Start to explore your spiritual journey by telling the universe in your mind that you are open to their signs and then look out for the coincidences.

Let me know how you get on!

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