The Tale of Two Mistresses

Once upon a time there were two mistresses. Both were single, both were seeing married men.

The first mistress wanted Mr. Married to leave his wife. He promised he would, just not yet. The days turned into weeks, the weeks turned into months. The months turned into years. The reasons for not leaving his wife in year one became the same excuses in year two. By year four they were like a married couple arguing over stuff, which they really shouldn’t have been arguing over.

What had started out as fun, excitement and passion was now a constant source of misery and upset for both of them. The kindest thing was for her to admit it was over and meet a man who was openly able to give and receive love.

The second mistress didn’t want Mr. Married to leave his wife. She knew that she wasn’t the ‘one’ for him. She was self-aware enough to know she offered him something, met a need, which wasn’t being met in his marriage.  She knew if it weren’t her meeting this need, it would probably be someone else. She hoped one day he would be happy with someone who could give him the things which stimulated his mental, physical and emotional self.

She knew at this moment in time she offered fun, passion, excitement and healing to him. However she suspected if they got together the same arguments he was having with his wife would be the same arguments he would have with her. She knew when the energy between them disappeared then the gifts of healing they had for each other had been exchanged.

Sometimes our paths will cross with someone in this life and there is a connection. A pure electrical current that is palpable and that you can almost touch. Watch out for these connections – there is learning and healing to be had from these types of connections.

Maybe there is something that you are to learn from the other person or something the other person is to learn from you. The connection is there for a reason and your task is to reflect on:

  • Why do you think this person has crossed your path?
  • What have they come to teach you about self-love?
  • What are they highlighting to you about missing needs and vice versa?
  • What have you come to teach them about self-love?

And when the connection is over and the energy has fizzled then you thank each other for the experience and wish each other well on the next chapter in this amazing adventure called life…

So if you having an extra-marital affair, take time out to reflect – is this relationship causing you more pain than pleasure? If it is, examine why you think you need this person in your life.

You have enough courage to handle being alone 

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