“The day I realised I had a right to be happy, was the day I set myself free.”

The Modern Day Fairytale…

At 17-21. Left school to earn money for nice clothes and high heels. Main aim in life was to meet a nice man and live happily ever after.

At 21-26. Got a sensible job in a bank, bought plenty of clothes, high heels and lived with said nice man. Felt smug as thought had ‘life’ sorted. Routines became habits, habits become comfort zones which led to #stuck in a rut.

At 27 -28.  Realised nice man wasn’t for me, left nice man and sensible job. Swapped high heels for flip-flops and took a job as a holiday rep for Virgin Holidays. Had fun in the sun, along with bucket loads of hassle. In a bid to cope read Diana Cooper’s ‘The Power of Inner Peace’ and it ‘woke me up’ with a start – started to ask myself a lot of big questions about life.

At 29-34. Answered my big questions by moving back to UK, completing years of study including Counselling Psychology degree and qualifications in Reiki, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Met ‘Mr Right’, married him in lavish ceremony and had a child. Worked for Relate Counselling, realised I could be making myself money not others so left to set up and run own successful business.

At 35-36. Discovered ‘my happily ever after’ only applied to fairy stories I had read when younger as my husband turned out to be ‘Mr False Promises’. Had light bulb moment whilst reading Dr Susan Jeffers ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®’. Realised I would have to work very hard to fund acrimonious divorce battle, so applied to be a licensed ‘Feel The Fear’ trainer and became their highest revenue-generating trainer worldwide.

At 37-41. Worked alongside Dr Susan Jeffers as Director of UK Training for ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway®’. Inspired me so much I left to produce my own books, which encourage people to heal their past conditioning and sort the stuff which is stressing them out.

At 42..  I inspire others by reconnecting the scared part of them with their courage, showing if I can do it, then anyone can work towards achieving their dreams and find inner peace. Practising  daily how to be a positive mum, friend and inspiration to others.

At 44..  Published ‘How to be a Courage Queen’ to help other Courage Queen’s on their journey to greatness.  A simple, easy to use informal guide to assist in re-discovering one’s power, which is, buried deep inside.


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